On behalf of our family, we would like to thank all of you for your unwavering love and support for our mom over the past two years.  Her transition to Clarkston came after our dad passed away four years ago and it was not easy for her to be without him, but you all showed empathy for her circumstances and provided a warm touch or a comforting word to calm her nerves or soothe her spirit.  You could tell over the past few months that she had moved from grief to acceptance and was more at peace with her surroundings.  We owe so much of that to you – you provided a place of comfort and joy.

Our family is so grateful to have met and gotten to know many of you.  For those of us who were closer in proximity; we became friends and for those far away we took comfort knowing our mom had friends.

The last few days we had with our mom really showed us how caring and professional the Autumn Ridge family is.  You gave us our space, offered more of your time, shared your prayers and comforted us in our sorrow.  Thank you all for your love and support!

— Maresa

On behalf of Chuck and his entire family, we send our deepest and heartfelt thank you to the wonderful staff at Autumn Ridge for all of your kindness and care.  you have provided the much-needed smiles, warm meals, drives in the country, musical entertainment and loving atmosphere that assuredly provided a meaningful extension of Chuck’s life.

A lasting impression of the caring staff was making time to come and pay their final respects to Chuck and comfort the family the evening of his life transition.  As difficult as the situation was, it was so great to have the people who cared for our father share some of their favorite and indelible memories.

Please continue your great work and know that your caring presence not only improved Chuck’s life, but his family’s as well.  We appreciate the living plant you sent to our home and will enjoy it as a symbol of your caring support.

We are forever grateful for our Autumn Ridge family.

–Eileen and Mark

Thank you for hosting the wonderful Christmas party.  Our whole family had a great time!  I wanted to let you know how much dad loves living there.  Your staff has shown such kindness in helping him adjust and make new friends.  Words can’t describe how much his happiness means to our whole family.  Thank you for all you do!

– Richard’s daughter

Every single resident has touched my life in one way or another.  I am truly blessed to know each and every one of our residents.   Every day I try to do things for my residents to go above and beyond.  I want each one of them to be taken care of the way they deserve to be.  Our continuity of care, communications skills and love for our residents set us apart from other assisted living facilities.

– Autumn Ridge Nurse

My job is to ensure a safe environment for our residents and peace of mind for their families.  I also like to throw in a little fun!  I think the atmosphere at Autumn Ridge reflects the level of care we provide and shows a lot of love.

– Autumn Ridge Maintenance Director

You and Jennifer made an incredible impression with the way that you conducted the intake/interview with Mom and me.  I apologize that I did not realize at the time that you were the Executive Director for Autumn Ridge.  When I found out, I wanted to reach out to you personally and thank you again for your authentic dedication to your residents and their quality of life.  I have personally interviewed numerous facilities and you and your team are truly outstanding.  You have filled our family with hope that Mom will be provided with excellent care.  We are grateful to be part of your community and look forward to working together to support Mom and her new family at Autumn Ridge.

– Daughter of Lucille

Words cannot express how thankful I am for your help and compassion throughout this overwhelming process to move my mom.  It is very apparent in the warmth and love you give daily that it is not a job for you to come to work, but a pleasure.  The relief that mom is in a better place and is truly happy at Autumn Ridge gives both myself and our family peace of mind daily.  The staff honestly seems to be enjoying having her stay as much as she is enjoying staying there.  What an unexpected delight it is see others take pleasure in my mom as we do.  There is no doubt that I made the correct choice in my decision to have her stay with all of you.

– Susan and Stacy

Many thanks to your entire staff for the great care given to my mom. My husband and I particularly love the warmth expressed by everyone we encounter as they lovingly take care of all of mom’s many needs. It has made it easier to let her move to assisted living instead of keeping her in our own home as I had planned on doing. I’m not mentioning names as I don’t want to leave anyone out, but there isn’t one person who isn’t excellent to deal with. Everyone has their job to do and the team work is impressive. We will highly recommend Autumn Ridge to anyone who needs a wonderful place for their loved ones or themselves. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

– Susan

There are no words to say or actions I can take in order to express my deepest and sincere appreciation for the care you have given my father in the past few years. You gave me such peace of mind and comfort just knowing that he was safe and well cared for. In hindsight I can now see that every transition we’ve been through was perfectly timed…Dad’s move in to your assisted living then to the Reminiscence Cottage. Every step, someone was there to support me and let me arrive at these conclusions in my own time. I could see that you all enjoyed his wit and charm and learned to tolerate his stubbornness and mischievous side. Love to all.

– Janet

As soon as I walked through your doors, it felt safe.

– Dolores

I can’t thank the staff here enough for being on top of things regarding my dad’s care.  If it weren’t for the care managers knowing my dad so well and the nursing staff knowing just what to do, I believe he wouldn’t be here today.  He was so happy to come back “home” to you guys.  The way he was greeted at the door upon his arrival, the smiles the welcome homes and all the love and attention was tremendous.  I trust Autumn Ridge and wouldn’t consider having him stay anywhere else, not that he would let me if I did, he loves you all very much.

– Denise

I am so grateful for your help getting my dad out on the zoo trip. He enjoyed it so much!  Your staff is always willing to go above and beyond for their residents. You really are the best around and we are so glad we found you!

— Gail

Thank you for the beautiful peace lily with butterflies in it – you knew that was mom’s favorite – thank you all for the care you gave her.

–Peggy’s family

Thanks so much for the lovely plant for my mother-in-law’s funeral.  We’re blessed to have had her in your care, even though it was only a short time.  The love and care you showed her made her last days special. There must be a special place in heaven for you all.  Thanks again.

–Chris and Frank

Our Autumn Ridge Family – Words cannot express enough how  much your love and compassion meant to our family.  Thank you for all you did to make our mom’s life a little brighter each day and for assisting her as she made her way back to our Lord.  You are all in our hearts forever!

–Claudette’s family

Thank you for making us feel like part of your family.  We could not have asked for more love, concern or help during mom’s stay with you.  Everyone made her transitioning experience an amazing event.  Every department of your ministry was fabulous from day one.  So thank you for ministering to us!

– Neta’s family

I am writing this letter as a reference for any family that may be considering your facility for their loved one.  My mom lived at Autumn Ridge for three years and was given the best care possible, better than I could have imagined for her.  She had multiple needs with her health, hygiene and housekeeping.  The staff went above and beyond to take care of her and make sure she had what she needed and what she wanted.

There are so many things Autumn Ridge has to offer besides the daily care.  They have outings, entertainment and fun activities for the residents to participate in.  The caregivers are available around the clock and will be available to answer questions or check on your loved one.  The nursing staff is attentive and visible.  The management team is not made up of people who sit in the office.  They are around the building taking care of residents as needed.

The custodial staff will help the residents with any housekeeping task that needs attention with efficiency and kindness.  Not only is the staff wonderful but the environment is beautiful.  Staff keep the building clean, decorated and smelling great.

When it came to my mom’s final days, she was able to come back to Autumn Ridge on hospice care.  The staff supported our whole family.  The caregivers even came in when they were not working to visit with mom.  If you are considering a home for your loved one, Autumn Ridge is a wonderful choice.

– Elise’s daughter

Thank you for being so caring and providing loving caregiver services to our Mom.  All the Grandkids say thank you for taking care of Grandma!

– Family of Rosemary

Watching our staff care for our residents as if they were their own family members is something special to see.  It’s what prompted me to bring my own mother to live at Autumn Ridge.  I take deep pride in working for a company whose dedication and commitment to quality care come as naturally as a smile.

– Autumn Ridge Foodservice Director

Autumn Ridge Staff,

We wanted to write to let you know of our experience with your facility over the past few months.  My sister and I visited several months ago and met with Gail to find out about the services Autumn Ridge could provide for our mother.  Gail was very informative and treated us like family.  We made the decision for placement in your Memory Care.

When mother moved in, she had a difficult time adjusting to the new environment and people.  During this time the staff was kind, loving and supportive of her.  They went above and beyond to meet her individual needs and proactively involved health care professionals to tailor her medications in an attempt to alleviate her pain and anxiety.

Mom eventually began Hospice care and we were supported and kept informed each step of the way.  When her condition changed and she entered a state of actively dying, the entire staff went above and beyond to provide extraordinary care to our mom. Additionally, every member of our family was cared for in the most loving, personal way.  They opened the adjoining room, so we had space and a retreat while we were spending time with mom.  Meals and snacks were provided around the clock.  Again and again, we were asked if there was anything at all that we needed by every person at the facility, regardless of their role.  Gunner (the house dog) became very attached to dad and was a great comfort to him throughout the end-stage.

We wish we would have written down every name of the caregivers, as they were beyond excellent.  We were told that this was our home too during this time and made to feel loved and cared for.  As we went through this trying time, it was of great comfort to know that our Mother/Wife was provided the best care possible.

What a beautiful, loving and compassionate staff you have.  We want to let everyone know that only special people answer the call to work with people suffering from these afflictions. They are all angels and have earned their wings and a special place in heaven.  Your care for mom and our family was exceptional and your staff provided us with great comfort.

God Bless you all.

– Family of Sharmon

I feel like I am being educated by the best on how to approach and deal with the changes that are occurring with my uncle. I was feeling overwhelmed, never having experienced an episode of such severe memory loss with him before. The staff’s quick actions to care for him and your guidance on different ways to sooth him were very helpful and as it turn out soothed me as well. I could not be happier with our choice to bring him to Autumn Ridge. You are a true Angel.

– Joanne

“You’re the greatest. We love you too!” Thank you doesn’t say it all, but at least it starts to let you know how very much your kindness touched our hearts.

– Jenny and Family

Thank you taking care of my Pop.  My deepest gratitude to all the Caregivers, Supervisors, Med-passers, Nurses, Life Enrichment staff, Food Service personnel, Cleaning & Maintenance staff, Administrators and Managers that made the last year of his life as comfortable as possible.  A special heartfelt appreciation to those of you that laughed with him, held his hand, kissed him on his cheek, patiently fed him or in any way helped him maintain his dignity and humanity.  These acts of compassion meant more to me than words can describe.

– Chris