Finding the perfect home for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia can become overwhelming. Autumn Ridge of Clarkston can help by providing a comfortable, secure, home-like environment for your loved one to enjoy. Autumn Ridge is highly recommended by both professionals in the community and family members of current and former residents. Memory Care is offered in our two Reminiscence Cottages, each providing a home for 20 residents. Our Care Managers receive specialized training to effectively care for individuals with memory loss, allowing them to enjoy each day in a compassionate, nurturing environment. Our Life Enrichment Program is designed to offer cognitive stimulation, physical movement and creative outlets that engage our residents daily.


A dementia diagnosis is similar to a fingerprint, it’s unique to each person and family. It leaves a different impression on us all. At Autumn Ridge of Clarkston, we embrace the individuality of each person we care for. Your loved one leaves a lasting impression on your heart and life. Our team is here to walk with you on this journey.

Innovative Memory Care

Impressions Memory Care is designed to focus on what works best for you & your loved one – in their living space, dining experience, activities they enjoy, and during times of personal care. We achieve this individualized care through these unique care components.

Thorough Assessments

Each resident undergoes comprehensive cognitive assessments to not only measure the severity of memory loss, but also to detect any underlying issues that are contributing to the resident’s memory loss. Our goal is to get to know your loved one so we can best meet their needs at Autumn Ridge.

Meaningful Experiences

Our team of experts work with medical professionals to translate the results of the assessments to create a care plan that includes best practices for health care, but also supportive services like life enrichment. Because we take the time to get to know your loved one, we can recommend meaningful activities that fit their personal likes & abilities. Our life enrichment team members create opportunities for our residents to have true joy in their lives.

RENEW Rehabilitation

We know our muscles have memory, so we encourage our residents to participate in our RENEW Rehab program. Working with therapists, and restorative caregivers, residents can achieve new goals or maintain their current abilities.

Confidence in Care

Our families can have confidence knowing that their loved ones are cared for by team members who have been specially-trained in memory care. This education includes virtual dementia training, which allows our caregivers to see firsthand what a person with memory loss would experience in a typical day.

Partnership & Education with Family

A dementia diagnosis affects both our residents and their family members. We’re here to be a resource for you and a place of support. We know it’s not easy, but we will provide education and partnership to help you on your journey.